Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Perfect Gifts To Be Presented To Family And Friends During Lebanese Festivals

Lebanon, the small Mediterranean country is very well known for its festivals worldwide. Every year starting from the months of June till September, international festivals take place in Lebanon. These festivals are well celebrated by almost all the Lebanese people. During these festivals, people present gifts to their loved ones. These gifts include various items such as toys, apparel, electronic goods, etc. especially flowers are gifted to the most loved persons such as spouse. Lebanon florists provide the best quality flowers that are apt for occasions. Stores for Gifts Lebanon are the best places to find unique items that can be presented. Lebanese people who are living outside of Lebanon can also send flowers to Lebanon using some of the online vendors. At online stores one can also find gifts which can be sent to their families during this time of festivals.

The various festivals during the months between June and September include Beiteddine Festival, Eid-al-Fitr, Freikeh Festival, Byblos Festival, DocuDays, Independence day, Al Bustan Festival, Qanat Bakish Festival, etc and many more. These festivals represent the joy, celebration, happiness and lots of fun with music and entertainment and a lot of fireworks.
Beiteddine Festival is one of the most recognized festivals in Lebanon. The place Beiteddine Palace is used as the venue for the festival. At this place during the months, from June to August many artists, singers, dancers and performers from all over Lebanon, other Arab countries and European come to perform in this festival. During this festival gift shops in Lebanon are in great demand as people from all over Lebanon come to witness this once in a year event. Many shops for gifts Lebanon sell not only gift items but also souvenirs such as jewelry, pendants, good luck charms, toys, watches and other electronic items. Flowers are a specialty during this festival as Lebanon florists come here and setup their stalls where they sell some of the exotic flowers which are found in Lebanon and other Mediterranean countries.

After this festival comes the festival of Eid-al-Fitr which is one of the most popular festivals in the Islam world, which is celebrated with much joy and happiness around the Muslim world. This festival brings the Muslim world together with the austerities that are observed during the month of Ramadan. This festival is celebrated after the month of Ramadan is completed and only after the moon has been sighted. EId-al-Fitr is the best time for family and friends get togethers where everyone greets another by presenting gifts. This is a good time for shops selling gifts in Lebanon.
Other festivals such as Byblos Festival, Freikeh Festival, Baalbeck Festival are also very famous for their wonderful celebrations that take place. Many artists from Lebanon, Europe and other neighboring Arab countries come and perform here. These festivals are great places for tourist attractions and places for the best foods of Lebanon. Many restaurants in and around the venues of these festivals serve exotic flavors of Lebanon. One can also find gifts and souvenirs in these locations as well. Stores selling gifts in Lebanon are found in great number with great prices as well. 

The next and important festival is the Independence day celebrations in Lebanon. Lebanon became a free country in the year 1943 on November 22. This day is celebrated every year as their independence day. On this day, not only the armed forces parade, but also the people cherish their hard earned freedom. Many Lebanese people who are outside of Lebanon often send flowers to Lebanon to their loved ones on the occasion on Independence day. 

During the winter months, Lebanon is visited by many neighboring countries. During this period the mountains here transform into the skiing places. This place is ideal for local as well as visitors from the Mediterranean and Arab countries who want enjoy the cold weather here. Qanat Bakish is the place where it all happens. During this time many hotels provide the best accommodation services. Many restaurants serve local cuisines and also continental cuisines for visitors coming from abroad. The place will be filled with gift shops which provide the best gifts Lebanon. During this time many Lebanon florists put up their stalls here and sell some of the exotic and best quality flowers from Lebanon as well as from western countries. Some of these stores also have online extensions. People can send flowers to Lebanon using these online stores at a very affordable price.

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